Colin Tan - Managing Director and Founder

The founding member of MetaNoia Intervention is Colin Tan, Managing Director and Chief Executive Coach. He is supported by a team of professional associates who themselves are passionate practitioners in the OD field.

Colin, a mechanical engineer by profession, worked in various business functions like Supplier Quality Engineering, Manufacturing, Process Engineering and Human Resources over a span of 25 years. He graduated from the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore with a Bachelor in Engineering (Hons) and has also attained a post graduate Master in Counseling with Monash University.

A former Director of Human Resource Development and OD, Colin has made significant contributions to several large American and European multi-national corporations across the Asia Pacific Region with staff strength ranging from 800 to 9,800 strong in the area of Human Capital Development. These included Philips, Chartered Semi-Conductor, Western Digital, Nokia, JTC, Maxtor and Air Products Chemical. Some of his key portfolios include Organization Development, Leadership Development, Talent Management & Development, Mentoring, Coaching, Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management and Colin is a strong advocate for Total Employee Engagement. 

Being highly passionate and innovative in approaches towards aligning team goals with corporate Vision, Colin advises senior management teams including CEOs/Presidents, General Managers/Directors at strategic levels and worked very closely with middle management teams, frontline managers and staff at operational levels. Leading, Managing and Sustaining Change efforts through Dialogues and Learning Communities are key to Colin’s interventional approach. Himself, a trained Executive Coach by the Erickson Academy of Canada, Colin trains and coaches managerial staff across the Asia Pacific region (including China, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and S.E.A.) Colin is cross-culturally attuned and today, he is the Managing Director of an Organization Leadership Development consultancy registered under the name of “MetaNoia Intervention”.

In corporate term, “MetaNoia” denotes “Beyond Mindset Change” which affirms Colin’s belief that true mindset change can only be effected when both the Emotive and Cognitive dimensions are integrally engaged. Resiliency, determination and drive will then evolve to become the collective core characteristics of any aspiration driven organization.


Ian Butler - Principal Associate Consultant

One of our leading professional associates is Ian Butler, Executive Coach/Principal Consultant, whose experience spans more than 30 years of practical Human Resources intervention with MNCs on two continents (Europe and Asia) and on one sub-continent (India) He is a UK graduate in Business Studies and Human Resources, with his continuing professional development being in the UK and Switzerland and throughout his international career he has contributed substantially to the various company cultures in which he has worked. The core themes that have been ever present in his work and which he brings with expertise to MetaNoia Intervention are --- Coaching and Mentoring from the design and implementation of formal coaching and mentoring programmes, the recruitment and development of coaches and mentors to his own personal coaching interventions; Change Management from the training and counseling of individual managers in the delivery of change and transition programmes on a collective and individual basis, to the re-establishment of the new teams; Performance Management framework --- the design, delivery and follow up of Leadership, Management, Negotiation and Team Building Modules. Ian is a UK national and Singaporean PR who has lived and worked professionally in UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, India and Singapore; in addition to those countries, he has been responsible for the development of the HR function and of employees in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and UAE.


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