MI’s services is based on the MI Organization Leadership Development framework which integrates four major growth cycles of organization internal operations. These are:

  1. The Organization Growth Cycle
  2. The Employee Growth Cycle
  3. The Business Growth Cycle
  4. The Communication Link


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MI provides five core interventions and a suite of tools to support the above framework to strategically meet your organization and human capital development for growth:

  1. MetaLeader©                     – For Leadership Development
  2. MetaTeam©                       – For Team Building and Development
  3. MetaOrganization©          – For Organization Development
  4. MetaExplore©                    – For Wilderness Explorations and Recreations
  5. MetaCoach©                      – For Executive Coaching and Talent Development
  6. MetaTools©                        – For Organization Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis



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