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“You have Hopes and Fears so does your Organization”

The MetaOrganization (OD) Consultancy Interventions:

  1. Implementing Organization Change.
  2. Talent Management & Development - Talent Pool and Succession Planning.
  3. Human Resource Development - Learning and Development.
  4. Organization Climate Survey – Employee Opinion Survey
  5. Dialogue Facilitation – Team Dialogue and Management Dialogue with staff/employees.
  6. Total Employee Engagement – Let’s T.E.E. Off!
  7. Annual Strategic Planning Kick-Offs Facilitation.
  8. Corporate Visioning and Culture Building Workshop Facilitation
  9. Key Competency Profiling and Job Role Mapping.
  10. On Boarding of New Hires – Orientation and Job Induction


From Leadership Development to Team Development, the pristine purpose of these two is for stewarding and building an “Effective and Efficient Organization”. While the world today is very much interconnected digitally, human beings remain socially “Analogue”. It is sometimes a conflict of interests between the aspirations of an organization and the diversified aspirations of its employees at various levels.

Organization Development (OD as it is known) is a vital thread in holding the fabrics of teams through great and moral leadership that helps a corporation to either strive or thrive for success in an ever evolving environment like the wavering global economy and the financial crisis of late. Is your organization Aspiration or Desperation driven?


History has repeatedly shown and many great leaders have repeatedly testified that without a Vision, the people perish and for leaders, without sharing that vision, they will perish! OD is about galvanizing, motivating and mobilizing the people within the entity towards that common vision of purpose.

MI’s approach towards OD begins with helping to develop the Corporate Vision and if one already exists, to help enhance the understanding of that vision and to align strategies and goals towards that vision. The main platform MI uses is the “Dialogue” process. A process of productive conversation that helps to pull diversified perspectives from all key stakeholders to mould them into an inclusive overall strategy.


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