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From the “Fusion” of contemporary Leaderships to the “Fission” of “Emotive-Cognitive” transformational experience.

As one of the core beliefs of MI is that the Quality of an Organization depends on the Quality of its Leadership, MI has developed its own unique leadership development intervention that begins with a 5 days and 4 nights of leadership induction workshop called “HeartShip” followed by a 6 months developmental one-to-one coaching follow-up with participants, called “HeartTimes”. Throughout this developmental journey, participants of “HeartShip” will be equipped with “HeartWares” which is a treasure cove of leadership skills, knowledge and tools to support their journey of growth towards being a great leader.

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By this, MI has enshrined this unique leadership development intervention as “HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes”. The uniqueness is in its largely andragogical approach. This is the Adult Learning methodology and “HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes” exposes the participants through a progressive, relevant and integrated series of challenges (conducted both indoors and outdoors) that engage both the cognitive and emotive dimensions of the human brain. Simulated Crisis is the key foundation of MI’s Leadership Development philosophy in which it brings the participants closer to reality, stretching them out of their comfort zones to see if they can function at a relatively high level of calm and confidence in the midst of unfavorable conditions and stress. Quality of such will inevitably equip them to be more successful than those who are not. By that “HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes” intends to build the competence, confidence and credibility of incumbents so that they can live up to their goals and vision of being a better leader in whatever situation they may face in life especially in the corporate world.

MetaLeader (Leadership Development intervention) supports 4 categories:

  1. ELD (Executive Leadership Development) for Executives (C-Level)
  2. MLD (Managerial Leadership Development) for Management staff (Senior and Middle levels)
  3. SLD (Supervisory Leadership Development) for Supervisory Staff (Frontline level)
  4. PLD (Personal Leadership Development) for the aspired Individuals.


And it includes the following core common features:

  • EI360 degrees feedback based on the Daniel Goldman Emotional Intelligence framework.
  • Personality Profiling using the FACET5 (A Big 5 Psychometric Tool).
  • Executive Coaching – A one-on-one coaching and mentoring session with MI’s Executive Coaches based on the MI “DNAnalysis” process.

“DNAnalysis” (Development Needs Analysis) – A process to establish developmental opportunities based on required core competencies and desired level of proficiency. This shall be done with a sense of prioritized urgency, in a progressive and integrated manner.

Starting with the “MI Aspiration 10”, the participants will go through an induction leadership workshop and establish their personal Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles based on the “MI Aspiration 10 ”:

  1. What do you really want to achieve? (in life and at work)
  2. Where are we today? (Reality Check)
  3. Why do you have what you have today? (Reflection)
  4. What must you do to get what you want? (Desired Actions)
  5. What personal values and behaviors do you need to embrace? (Guiding Principles)
  6. What help do you need to get started? (Initial Support Resources)
  7. What do you need to sustain your momentum? (Continuous Support resources)
  8. How do you measure progress? (Milestone Checks – S.M.A.R.T.)
  9. How do you ascertain success? (ScoreCards)
  10. How do you encourage yourself continuously and how do you want to celebrate success?

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