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As MI believes in the experiential realm towards effective personal transformations, the following wellness services are part of MI’s adventures beyond the traditional mode of learning and development. Moving beyond individual’s comfort zones and stretching one’s adventurous horizon provides an interesting lifelong insight of the deeper wellbeing. Done in partnership with MI’s associate WRA providers (local and overseas), this mode of development is designed to hone one’s attributes of leadership like forming of teams, meticulous organizations and co-ordination, liaison with overseas entities and corporations, detail planning and execution, financial planning, communications, inspiring and motivating the teams in all circumstances, cross cultural attenuation & exercising domestic political savvy, and ultimately leading and following till fruition of the trip. This in itself is an enhancement, providing the heightened experience and opportunity for personal leadership growth.

  • Overseas Team Mission Expedition – “Charitable Outreach”


  • Overseas Leadership Wilderness Expedition:
    • Inca Trail Trekking in Machu Piccu, Peru, South America.
    • Shackleton Antarctica Adventure.
    • Mt Everest Base Camp Trek.


  • Team Treasure Hunt – “Amazing Bull Run”
    • The Da Vinci Trail (A unique 4 hours team activity that includes indoor and outdoor team initiatives which stresses on team negotiation, roles & responsibilities, collaboration, team decision making, risk taking, change management and crisis resolution).



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