“Leadership is the capacity of a human community to shape its future. It is inherently collective and profoundly personal”

by Peter Senge on the new meaning of “Leadership”

In the early Industrial Revolution, Frederick Wilson Taylor (Father of Modern Day Management) and his contemporaries, diverted our attention towards systems and structures as key elements in running a viable organization.

In the last decade or so, we have Tom Peters, Stephen Covey, Peter Senge, John Kotter, Posner & Kouzes, Robert Kaplan, Jim Collins and Joel Barker to lead us into a new dimension of thinking and learning. Many concepts and models have evolved successfully in engaging a very Cognitive and sophisticated workforce but now we need to begin integrating that Cognizant with the Emotive sub-conscious if we intend to achieve better transformed and effective Leaders in the new millennium.

Today we know that we need more than just skills and knowledge to have a happy marriage of both eras (Cognitive and Emotive). We also know that for effective and sustainable Change to happen, the Mind is not a good place to start with. It is through the Heart in which creating, developing and managing relationships, from workmanship to friendship to kinship takes place. Today we know that we need to be more than just being bold to address the emotive issues of the Heart in order that our teams would take up the challenge of following one's leading to a place where even the Leaders themselves have not been, yet they would dare to follow. Today we need to be more adventurous by bringing our teams on an expedition to the edge.

”Heartship, HeartWares & HeartTimes” is a holistic intervention towards fusion of Heart, Mind and Soul which intends to search for and liberate the Leaders inner energy which we believe is the key source that drives one’s great Passion and manifest itself into a higher order of Leadership. This is the outcome of a transformational Emotive-Cognitive intervention made available through the MI “Heartship, HeartWares & HeartTimes” developmental process. Leadership as subscribed by MetaNoia Intervention, circumvents all members of a team. Meaning, unless all members of a team are infused with the spirit of “HeartShip”, only then will true Leadership begin to evolve and grow.


“A Ship is meant to be in motion and traverse to chart the way and
not to be docked on safe shore that it becomes a display”

by Colin Tan


“HeartShip” is where one would be exposed to the various types and models of leadership in today’s existence. It deals with embracing the understanding that people sub-consciously, even though they are silent about it, resent from being managed but they cherish outwardly when their emotive and cognitive needs are constructively stretched and nurtured by people who cares about their growth and well being, individually or collectively. Here we introduce the tribology or Emotive-Cognitive-Behavioral balance. That is the A.E.I.S Quotients for total discipline of self in order to reach out to others. It is the Leader’s wellbeing whom we are more concern with foremost so that his/her Services can be effective.


In order that we can be effective in this balance “HeartWares” is where one will be confronted with feedback instruments as mirror for reflection of one’s current realities from acceptable style relished by their followers. Personality Profiling tools and 360 Degrees Feedback instruments are vital for any leaders if they desire or aspire to grow to serve their teams better. Here at “HeartWares”, the Leaders will be equipped with effective organizational toolkits to help them navigate effectively through the hearts and minds of their team members when establishing and building quality relationships, moving from managing to leading.


Knowing and being constantly equipped is only half the battle won. These have to be time validated and honed to perfection through “HeartTimes”.

“HeartTimes” is indeed an ultimate continuous process of upbringing a potential Leader to his/her personal best. This is where the Leaders will traverse a journey of growth, a journey of deep change, a journey that will kiln his/her inner being to be the “perfect” Leader his/her team wants them to be. It is a journey that knows no shortcuts but through regular one-on-one executive Coaching, it will raise his/her quality of Leadership and ultimately “grow” the incumbent towards a higher order such as Mentorship and Stewardship.

“HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes” is MI’s Leadership Development Intervention that embraces the spirit of expedition, created to challenge current mindsets that for effective growth and change, it is a matter of the heart and not just the Mind. “Heartship, HeartWares & HeartTimes” will guide Leaders or Leaders-to-be through a developmental process that equips them with useful and effective tools to help them inspire the achievement of their team’s aspirations. “HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes” desires to fuse the many great leadrship philosophy from various great Leadership gurus from the East and the West into a transformational experience which will transform the aspired individuals into effective 21st century Leaders for the People for the Community.

“HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes” is a journey which leads to a higher order of Leadership and it is where all Leadings should begin. It is where the Great King Sejong and Shackleton dares.

“HeartShip, HeartWares & HeartTimes” is developed by Colin Tan, Managing Director and Chief Executive Coach Of MetaNoia Intervention


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